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Compelling Foreign Refinery Owner's at Risk

I reside exactly in the center of the Bakersfield OILPATCH. I am surrounded by Delek, Noble, ALON, PARAMOUNT, & FLYINGJ. The 3 man Skeleton Crew includes Security Patrol. The H2S Alarm System is Vandalized, The Heavy Gates have been Crashed and Laying on Ground. The Guardshack-Dispatch Office windows are broke doors have been removed. My nearest neighbor is 5 or more miles from my driveway. I am anticipating a hostile action sooner rather than later. From Monkey Wrentchers Vandals, or Enemies of Israeli's in General. Would you be so kind as to give these REFINERY owners a wakeup call. Give all REFINERY owners a call. The cost of protecting foreign assets in the U.S. will justify the cost at the pump. 100 meters from my porch sits enough Aviation Grade Fuel to Supply the Israeli Air Force for a year. Think about that. Thank you Jastro Winkle
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