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Trueview Software 2.5 is now available!

We are happy to announce that our latest version of TrueView software (2.5) is now available for download.  If you would like the latest software version, just submit a ticket requesting the upgrade.

What's in 2.5?

-- We've added several fields to the API to improve incorporation and stability

-- Fixed bug:  single tone tests now lock properly for higher frequencies when calibrating

Previous Version 2.4.2:

-- added API output stream filtering  (See API documentation for additional information)

--Trimming of detections outside of the -60/60 azimuth or -20/20 elevation field of view

-- Improved Radar Cross Section (RCS) implementation

-- Roll, pitch and yaw output in the health message is now available in degrees rather than only quaternions

-- Near range detection improvements allowing <7m detections

-- Various bug fixes.

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